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It is easy to get to Cupcake Magic. We are in the middle of downtown Yuba City, the center to be precise. We are between highway 20 (Colusa Highway) and Bridge Street, right on Plumas. (see the map at the bottom of this page)

From North (of) Yuba City

Go south on Highway 99, Highway 70, or Live Oak Blvd.

From South (of) Yuba City

Go north on Highway 99, Highway 70, or Garden Highway.

From East of Yuba City

Go west on Highway 20 or 5th street in Marysville and across the bridge to Plumas. From Highway 20, turn left (south) onto Plumas. From 5th street, now Bridge street in Yuba City, turn right (north) onto Plumas.

From West (of) Yuba City

Go east on Highway 20 or Bridge street to Plumas. [If you cross the bridge into Marysville, you went too far.] From Highway 20, turn right (south) onto Plumas. From Bridge street, turn left (north) onto Plumas.

Look for the Cupcake Magic sign at 728 B Plumas Street.

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