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Oh my gosh, we came in for the first time tonight, the service was great, the cupcakes were better than I could have imagined. I had the PB&J and the frosting was so good! Thank you, I can't wait until the next time.

My friend tried to use you for a baby shower and you wouldn't give a price break on the dozen minis so she went elsewhere. Another friend of mine had a similar story.Please consider selling your dozen minis for $10.
While we don't like to lose business, our fresh ingredients are simply more expensive than many of our competitors. If our competitors can afford to give a 20% or greater discount, consider how much more they are marking up their products than we are. We charge a fair price for our high quality products and we simply can't afford to give discounts unless you wish to order several hundred of an item.

I recently found out I was gluten intolerant, but to my surprise they offer a selection of gluten free cupcakes here. I had the carrot cake cupcake and it was soooo delicous! Very moist and flavorful.

My friends daughter who has lived in LA and Seattle, told me when I served your cupcakes that they were the best she had ever tasted!!

I don't know what was sweeter, the cupcakes or the little redhead behind the counter.

My daughter and I recently visiting this charming bakery. The owner was very friendly and the cupcakes delicious. Wish you much success! Lisa Lowery

Just Had My First Cupcake ~ From Cupcake Magic. OMG, Are you kidding me? F~A~B~U~L~O~U~S! Not only am I amazed with your wonderful cupcakes ~ I'm so impressed with your commitment to the community. My first trip in today ~ and saw that you were donating cupcakes to the homeless in the community too! THANK YOU ~ Your Newest Fan!!!!

Your cupcakes were to best part of the Summer Stroll!

THE BEST CUPCAKES! The service was awesome, the woman who helped me pick out the cupcakes was very attentive and sweet, and the cupcakes were delicious! ( and not the least bit DRY)! I will be back very soon.

dry, dry,dry not the quality you would expect for a "gourmet" cupcake. This place would last 30 seconds on cupcake wars, good taste but need a half gallon milk to offset dryness.
While we have rarely had complaints of dryness (selling thousands of cupcakes each week), well over 99% of our customers have not had that experience. We strive to offer the best product at a fair price and always offer to exchange any cupcake that does not meet our quality standards. We think that we would do quite well on cupcake wars. :-)

My daughter and I tried your cupcakes after we saw your store advertised at Cinemark. Loved your cupcakes! My daughter wants me to order them for her senior graduation!

i just went to cupcake magic in yuba city today april,29,2012 i got to decorate my own cupcake,eat it,then i bought ared velvet one those sell like crazy anyways that is the best cupcake i have ever tasted thanks:)

I went by after dropping my kids off at school, i was cupcake bound after watching cupcake wars on tv. I was delighted by the 'tour' of flavors by the owner. I gladly purchased 3 flavors lime, lemon, and red velvet. So worth eating all of them!!

You have the best cupcakes ever my hubby works across the street i send him there everyday..thank you

My sons and I LOVE your cupcakes, and enjoy the atmosphere in your shop. It's just right for a midweek treat!

On Monday we bought your mini sampler, but notice the cupcake with pink frosting and fresh slice of strawberry isn't on your menu, why? I am thinking of ordering those cupcakes for my daughter's birthday in 2 1/2 wks.
The fresh strawberry cupcake is on our website under seasonal cupcakes, but we originally put white frosting on it when the picture was taken. We try hard to update our website as things change. We also update our Facebook page on a daily basis. Thank you for your inquiry and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to give us a call 530-923-7847

Delicious! Made my rainy night last night so much better!!

RUDE RUDE RUDE! The old lady with short brown hair! You know who you are! The cupcakes were stale so not worth the money! Cupcakes were stale bought them today 2/26/12. First and Last time I go there will surley pass along to my friends
I am so very sorry that you were offended. We value our customers and seek always to meet their needs. We bake our cupcakes fresh daily, sometimes twice daily, so you should not experience dry or stale ones. So that I may look into this matter, please contact the bakery to tell us what flavors you purchased yesterday. If you are willing to come back in and give us another chance, we will replace the cupcakes that you bought.

Fantastic cupcakes!! I bought a dozen of the minis and they were a huge Valentine's Day hit! Thanks so much!!
Thank you. You and so many other customers made Valentine's day our biggest day yet!

Love your lemon cupcakes!!! MY FAVE!!!

love the rasberry sunday cant stop thinking about its so yummy

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