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Someone brought a bunch of different minis, I made the mistake of eating one. I didn't know they were so addictive and when you they are so small you have to try to or three. Plus with their fun designs its like eating sees candy.

I tried the mini-cupcake sampler and took it back to the office....It was a huge hit! I managed to make it home with a few cupcakes for the kids they went crazy for the mini's! I LOVE mint and chocolate. The kids loved the snickerdoodle!

We were in late Sunday afternoon to get both sugar free cupcakes and sugar free fat free frozen yogurt. No one in the household liked the peppermint cupcakes we bought (2). The cake was very dry and the frosting's consistency wasn't good.
Thank you for lettings us know, we are always developing new cupcakes and frosting. We take your comments seriously and we will re-examine this recipe.

A co-worker bought a couple dozen today, they all looked good but I tried the Snicker Doodle was FABULOUS!!! I will be bringing my kids by real soon =) THANK YOU!

Ordered some cupcakes for my co-workers, everyone thought they were delicous. A bit pricey considering DC cupcakes charges $2.75 per cupcake and only $29 for a dozen. I was charged $30 for a dozen at cupcake magic......
Support for our bakery since we opened has been phenomenal. Thank you all so much!

We charge what we think is a fair price. Being within 10% of our competition, even though we only use fresh ingredients, seems reasonable to us. You, our customers, will ultimately decide if our cupcakes are worth the price we charge.

Just saying, any cupcake you get here will be awesome. Came in for one, ending up ordering three. And my favorite was one I wasn't expecting! You can't go wrong at this place. And the people are super nice too.

Welcome to our Plumas Street Neighborhood! Glad you are just across the street from us. Your cupcakes are yummy! and beautiful - almost look to good to eat - but we ate them anyway:) !!

Just attended the Grand Opening and the cupcakes DID NOT diappoint! Very delicious! I enjoyed my sugar free strawberry cupcake, am always excited to find an establishment that understands there are people out there with certain dietary needs!

For those with Celica Disease it would be very nice if you can use one of your ovens for only gluten free muffins.
While we really want to meet the dietary needs of everyone in our community, our one oven cost thousands of dollars. Our community is not large enough to support the expense of a dedicated gluten free oven. We do run batches of only gluten free products in the oven after thorough cleaning to minimize the risk of contamination.

Just heard about this from a friend on facebook. So very excited to see this place opening soon! The cupcakes look yummy and the prices seem reasonable! I've never triend anything gluten-free of vegan, but I look forward to giving a 4-n-1 a try!

Everything, from the websight to cupcake pic's looks amazing! So excited for your opening!!!!! (did I add enough !!!?) I wish we lived closer to enjoy the yummyness more often. Best, Sierra

YEAHHHHH!!! Finally a gluten-free cupcake!!! THANK YOU!!!! My 4 gluten-free children thank you too!!!

Looking forward to your GRAND OPENING!
So are we. We are aiming for 10/29/11 [9/27/11]

Pictures!! We want to see your shop and the DELICIOUS goodness that is Cupcake Magic!
They are now available to view [9/27/11]

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