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Definitely the best eggless cupcakes I've had thus far!

juat tried for the first time and the coconut is OMG to die for

Love Cupcake Magic, one may wonder why because I too am a baker. It's the cheerful attitude, quick service, beautiful fresh cupcakes, fantastic variety and if you bake you know quality isn't cheap and variety is very time consuming. Well worth every $!

I'm in love with the red velvet, all of the cupcakes are ADDICTING

The Bailey's Irish Cream frosting was paradisaical. Be back next time we're in Yuba- next week for sure. Posted your website on my Facebook. There are inquiries already LOL

The best cupcakes I've ever had. I would live in the shop and eat until I'd explode if possible.

Best cupcakes ever always have to get me the mini ones when I am in town!

Your chocolate chip cupcakes are hands down the best cupcake I've ever had! Great customer service too!

I've been here three times already and I will be making another trip back on Friday with my friends. Love all your cupcakes!

I miss Y'all so much...we moved to Texas last August and I just realized I haven't had one of Miss Tamis carrot cupcakes with the pineapple in em instead of raisins for 6 loooooong months;-( there's just NO comparison to y'all here in San Antonio!

I'm thrilled to offer your delicious and beautiful, edible works of art at the Old Sugar Mill for our events and my sweet-tooth! thank YOU for supporting us and we're thrilled to have you!

Delicious !!! Your cupcakes are the best

You should create a Tiramisu cupcake! I would buy them ALL!

My girlfriend was telling me how delicision your cupcakes were then I ran into you at the SugarMill last weekend! Kara's Cupcakes have nothing on you!!!! The two of you make THE BEST cupcakes and Iím not really a fan of cupcakes so that says a lot!

Wow! What wonderful cupcakes. All 3 flavors we tried were great. Definitely a place to visit often. KR, Dublim CA

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