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We want you to know what Cupcake Magic can do for you. We have answered several customer questions below. If you review all of the answers and get to the bottom without finding the answer to your question, you will find a form where you can ask your question.

Refund Policy
With Cupcake Magic, All sales are final and we do not refund money. If we receive a cancellation on an order that has been paid for with a reasonable amount of time you may receive a gift Certificate for the amount of purchase. On all orders over $50.00 a 50 percent non-refundable deposit is required. There is a lot of preparation done on every order, We thank you for your understanding.

Hiring Status
Because we periodically receive job inquiries, we will update this area if we have any openings. If you do not see any openings in this section, then we do not have any open positions at this time. We appreciate the interest that many have shown in joining our team.

What is the cost on a dozen cupcakes?
The cost of a dozen is the total of the individual prices. We keep our prices low even though we bake from scratch using highest quality ingredients. Unless you are doing a very large event, we don't have a large enough margin to offer quantity discounts.

Could I special order cupcakes? for example if I wanted "Happy Birthday" on cupcakes could I get that?
We can definitely do that. We are happy to accommodate special requests if you let us know one full day in advance.

Do you have no added sugar yogurt?
Thanks for asking such a timely question. We will be adding no sugar added chocolate frozen yogurt starting after Thanksgiving

Do you host children's birthday parties with a baking demonstration?
Yes, we do Birthday Parties. We customize them to fit the age group and number of people attending. We do fun things like cupcake decorating and cupcake sundaes. We are interviewing a magician-face painter and animal balloon person. We expect even more fun things to do soon. Sorry, we don't do baking demonstrations. We start baking at 4am and our kitchen is just too small. Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

was wondering if you guys make cakes by any chance?
No, sorry we don't make cakes but we do make a cupcake 3 times the size of a regular one.

Do you guys deliver?
Yes. For orders of $30.00 or more, there is a small delivery fee depending upon how far you are from our bakery.

What is the age that you hire at? Would you hire someone if they were only 15 with a work permit?
The most important factors are a person's experience and whether they can work the hours that we need. It is unlikely that we would find these factors in an applicant under the age of 18.

As mention in the other question ask on 5/27/12, had you try considering making a cupcake that look like a cake? For example, making the cupcake two layered.
As much as we would love to, we just can't fill everyone's request, but thank you for thinking of us for your baking needs.

I never really see any jumbo cupcakes at your bakery store as advertised on this website. Do the customer have to call you in order for you to make one?
We only make a few Jumbo Cupcakes a day. Most people order them in advance. We would be happy to make any one of our Cupcakes in a Jumbo with a two day notice.

Do you ship to other states?
We are working on finding a shipping company that would make it reasonable for us to ship. We have to ship in Dry Ice and Over nite the cupcakes for them to stay intact and still be fresh. I will make a post as soon as we are able.

how come your cupcakes are so good?!
They are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and we love what we do. Those are differences that you can taste.

What flavors of frozen yogurt do you guys offer? Topping?
Chocolate, Vanilla and Swirl. Chocolate chips, sprinkles, reeses pieces, peanuts, gummy bears and gummy worms, pretzels, and a few fresh fruit toppings.

We bought a mini box set. If it's not possible to eat all of them, do the remaining ones need to be refregirated to keep for a few days?
The mini can stay out at room temperature for two days or refrigerated for one day. What I would do is, if you can not eat them within two days, put them in the freezer, that will keep them nice and moist.

OMG I love your cupcakes! I got a mini set + the mocha one from the Port Wine and Chocolate event on Feb 16, 2013. How much would it cost to have a Raspberry Jumbo Cupcake ready by 2-19 for pickup?
Yes we can have a Jumbo Chocolate raspberry filled Cupcake today! The current price is $7. It probably would be best to give us a call regarding this order. 530-923-7847

Do you have a nutritional guide with all of the nutritional informations for the different types of cupcakes you offer?
All our Cupcakes are made with different ingredients and hand made so no two are exactly the same size so it would be very difficult to figure out the nutritional facts.

Do you have sugar free cupcakes and/or reduced sugar and/or gluten free?

How much are the chocolate dipped strawberries?
$2 to $3.00 each

Do you have a list of ingredients for people with food allergies?
We use so many different ingredients, it would be best if you give us a call to ask about a specific allergy.

Can you mix and match frosting with your cupcakes? For example, I like the snickeroodle cupcake but with the caramel filling and frosting. Would that be possible? Would it change the price?
We can put the caramel filling in the snickerdoodle. With the cinnamon suger top it will be hard to keep the frosting on it, but we can try. And yes that would raise the price to $3.00.

How big is the jumbo cupcake? Equivalent to how many regular sized?
Three times the size of a regular cupcake.

Do you offer a military discount?
We pay the sales tax when you dine in!

is there a nutritional value chart somewhere?
We do not have a nutritional chart but if there's a question about an ingredient you can give us a call.

what flavor cup cakes do you offer in gluten free?
Our Gluten free flavors are: Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Carrot, Blackberry and Strawberry.

Is there a minimum order for your gluten free cupcakes?
There is no minimum amount for ordering Gluten Free Cupcakes. and coming soon Gluten Free Scones and muffins!

Do you have special offers for big orders? Such as a baby shower?
Please call or better yet come in to the bakery to discuss pricing!

Do you make hello kitty cake pops?

How many people would a jumbo cupcake feed? Also, are you able to make a pumpkin spice, Hello Kitty themed jumbo cupcake for a birthday?
A jumbo cupcake feeds 3 people, but I am sorry we are not making the pumpkin spice cupcake at this time.

I am 16 and have taken all but one of the wilton cake decorating classes (a fondant course) and can get a work permit. I know that age is a problem for many jobs here in CA. Would I be eligible to apply here?
You are always welcome to bring in your resume and I will keep it on file but right now I am not hiring. I normally do not hire high school students because we start working at 4am.

Do you make cake pops?
Yes, we make many different flavors and designs.

Can you please post a nutritional facts page on your website? This information should be availbale to our consumers since you are selling a food product. I know that you are exempt from being required to post this, but it would help.
While we agree that food nutrition facts are useful when deciding which packaged foods to buy or what to eat in a restaurant, we just don't think they would help very many people decide which sweet to eat. If there were no cost involved in getting a nutritional analysis, it might be something we would consider, but it is fairly costly. We always listen to our customers. We'll look at it again if a large percentage of our customers come in and say that nutritional facts about our sweets would cause a change in which cupcake they buy and they are willing to pay a higher price to get the information.

Do you guys make eggless cakepops?
Our chocolate cake pops are eggless and if you want another flavor they would have to be special ordered.

Have you ever considered making a cupcake for dogs?
We do! We make a peanutbutter cupcake for dogs!

can you make a giant gluden free wedding cup cake?
absolutely, but please call to order!

Do you make cupcakes that's not on the menu, upon request?
Please call the bakery at 923-7847 and I will see if I can help you.

How much is the mini cupcake dozen pack?

What are the nutritional facts in your cupcakes?
All Cupcakes are handmade and so each one is a little bit different in size. I am sorry I do not have the nutritional facts on my cupcakes. If you have a particular question on an ingredient please give me a call!

What do you use instead of cane sugar? And do you make sugar and gluten free? Also, do any of them have corn products? Im allergic to wheat, corn, cane and beet sugar
We make Sugar free or Gluten free but we don't make gluten free sugar free together, and they both have corn starch in them. I am sorry we can't accommodate your allergy list.

do you make gluten and dairy free combined?

Can you do 2 dozen mini cup cakes in confetti? Or does it have to be all different?
We absolutely can make you 2 dozen funfetti mini cupcakes you just have to order them the day before you need them.

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