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Welcome to Cupcake Magic!

Here at Cupcake Magic our Magicians are always busy creating the next cupcake potion. The secret to our magic includes only the finest and freshest ingredients, a little love and creativity and POOF cupcake magic is created! Our Magicians are also constantly trying to meet as many dietary needs as possible. (The Magic potions for Gluten free, Vegan and no sugar added is always in the works so keep checking in to see what is new!)

Anyone who has been to cupcake magic has had the opportunity to enjoy a warm, fun, family environment. Friends come to enjoy conversation with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or soda of their choice, while indulging themselves in decadent, gourmet cupcakes. We welcome birthday parties as well as catering all types of parties!

Remember we keep our cupcake sweet and simple with an amazing, complex taste!

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